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eTags is legit


Last month, MoviePass made big news when it announced that it would be reducing the price of its unlimited plan to $9.95 a month. In essence, you could go to a movie once per day every day for less than the average cost of a single movie ticket. For movie buffs, this seemed like too good of a deal to be true. Although, there have been some growing pains, the company is the brainchild of several tech entrepreneurs, and a former founding member of Netflix has signed up to be the CEO of the company. Luckily for the movie theatre industry, a business modal as simple as reducing prices via a subscription based method has reinvented what seemed like a stagnant vertical.


Netflix is another company whose legitimacy was questioned because it was changing the way people watched shows and movies. Now, with most video rental stores closed for good, Netflix is looked upon favorably. Although some of the best companies’ services are sometimes questioned in the beginning, those that flourish are able to do so because they provide a solution to a problem that often is just thought of as “the way things are”. For example, late fees were a problem for video rental consumers and they paid those late fees however begrudgingly. Netflix saw an opportunity with a subscription model and provided a solution to a problem people didn’t think could exist.


Now look to a different arena; razors. Whoever thought that getting these kind of essentials delivered to your home versus having to out and buy them in a store would become so popular (visionaries did). Granted, its Amazon that has revolutionized the shop from home experience but Dollar Shave Club has the razor niche on lock. Gillet and other major manufactures never saw that coming. Also on a subscription based modal, you can get quality razors at affordable prizes delivered right to your home with Dollar Shave Club.


eTags is doing something similar with vehicle registration. As you probably know, you have to have current registration on your vehicle in order to operate it on the road. If you don’t, you could be subject to a number of different penalties depending on the state you live in. eTags is a legit company that was founded to help make renewing your vehicle registration easier.


The problem, of course, is that you usually have to deal with the DMV, MVA, or RMV to get that done. While fine employees, its not always the best experience and for many people, the task of renewing falls on their birthday which is all the more unpleasant. We can all recall a bad experience at a DMV office but it is possible that even more people have dealt with the frustrations of using government websites for these types of transactions. Having a working takes  a ton of time and money which many government departments do not have.


eTags is a legit company that has revolutionized how people renew their registration. Instead of making the effort to get to the DMV and waiting in line or stumble through confusing government websites, vehicle owners in California, Florida, and Maryland can renew their vehicle registration online on eTags’ secure online platform. They can use a variety of different devices, and eTags will send them their tags in the mail. eTags is the easiest way to renew your vehicle registration whenever and wherever you want.


Keep on eye out for disruptive business modal likes these. They often make great investments and, at the very least, a more convenient experience.

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