eTags’ Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

student driver taking driving test


Getting your driver’s license is one of those rites of passage that most people look forward to. There’s nothing like having the freedom to just get in your automobile and drive without having to worry about relying on other people. However, in order to get your driver’s license, you will need to pass the road test, which not everybody does on their first go-around.


If you are looking to pass the road portion of your driver’s license testing, eTags may be able to help. eTags recently released a blog post on the subject, which we highly encourage you to check out when you have a second. In the meantime, here are a few key points from eTags that may help you ace your road exam:


First and foremost, you should know the rules ahead of time. Even if you passed the written exam with flying colors, it won’t hurt to go back and review them to make sure you can apply them to your driver’s exam. When it comes time to take the road exam, not knowing or following a rule such as how to proceed when approaching a stopped school bus on the opposite lane of traffic when there is or isn’t a median could lead to you failing the exam. In Florida, by the way, you must stop if there is no median when approaching a stopped school bus with flashers on the opposite lane(s) of traffic. If there is a median, you do not have to stop.


Second, try preparing for the driver’s exam ahead of time. In general, the driving portion of the exam will consist of parallel parking, , changing lanes and K-turning. Did that last on throw you off? If so, all the more reason to study and practice. For reference, a K-turn is also known as a Y-turn or three-point turn and it’s when you have to get the vehicle to face in the opposite direction in a tight space. You can practice these skills anytime with a licensed driver in the passenger side, and you should. Just as with anything else, practice makes perfect.


Finally, get a better idea of your vehicle’s control. This will go hand-in-hand with the practice tip we mentioned in the paragraph above. Every vehicle is different, and you will want to know the in’s-and-outs of the vehicle you plan on taking the exam with so you are ready and aren’t surprised by anything. While it may be cool to borrow your friends new GT Mustang for the test, you might be thrown off by how sensitive the accelerator is or how loose or stiff he steering wheel is if you’ve been practicing on completely different vehicle. Whenever possible, take your practice vehicle to the driving test.



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