The Latest News on the California Vehicle Emissions Standards



In the past, contributors to the eTags’ blog have written about the emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles, and no U.S. state has built a stronger market for alternative fuel vehicles than California. California applied for a waiver under the Clean Air Act of 1970 to set its own emissions standards. Thirteen other states have adopted the California model. California lawmakers have doubled down on their emissions laws, and they have called for more than one million electric or hybrid vehicles to be on the road by 2025.


However, there has been some concern as of late with the current administration as they have halted federal rules for 2022-2025 that would increase emissions standards for automakers. There was also a question of whether or not the federal government would challenge the California waiver, arguing that the waiver shouldn’t have been allowed under current law.


It appears, though, that California lawmakers can breathe a sigh of relief as Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, announced last week that the EPA would not review the waiver. Pruitt said that there has been bipartisan support for letting states set their own standards for vehicle emissions. Environmentalists and others have argued that a review might not hold up in court anyway.


Are You Interested in an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?


If you live in California or anywhere else, purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle offers a number of benefits. You’ll pay less in fueling costs, repairs are less complicated, and you might be able to receive a credit for your purchase. As more states adopt higher emissions standards to keep our air clean, it might be a good idea to consider investing in hybrid or electric vehicle now and into the future.

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