Common Leasing Mistakes eTags Recommends Avoiding

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eTags provides motorists in California, Florida, and Maryland with the option to renew their car registration online using their innovative platform and premium service. When you consider how much time and hassle can be involved with renewing in person, eTags registration renewal services makes a lot of sense for individuals who have limited free time, work odd hours, or have experienced issues with other online renewal options.


As a customer-centric business, eTags also provides customers resources from their blog on topics related to driver safety, buying tips, and more.  One question all motorists looking for a new car will have is whether to lease or buy the vehicle. eTags has provided a few tips on its blog on the subject and this article will center on some of the tips on leasing and how to do it right. Unfortunately, mistakes are all too common, but they can be easily avoided if you are informed.


Concentrate on the Purchase Price, Not the Monthly Payment: Your dealer will focus on the monthly payment. This gives him or her more wiggle room to persuade you to make a deal by making you feel comfortable with that item. If you can pay only a certain amount per month, it’s much smarter to negotiate down the total purchase price of the vehicle. If you focus too heavily on monthly payments, you might ignore other fees and expenses that could affect how much you ultimately pay if you decide to purchase the vehicle after the lease is up.


Don’t Take the First Deal:  Another common mistake is going to the dealer and leaving that day with a vehicle. You owe it to yourself to shop around to make sure there isn’t a better deal out there. And you can always come back to the original lot, but you might have more negotiation power when you do. Some examples include communicating other offers you were given by other dealers for the same or similar model. If they know you are serious about getting a car and they know you plan to make the decision soon, having comparable (better) deals will give them the extra push You need to get the best offer on the lease. Of course, this tactic is good practice whether you are leasing or purchasing the vehicle.


You Didn’t Think about the Fees When Budgeting: Fees make up a pretty substantial part of the costs you will need to put down. However, when it comes time to close, remember that not all fees are mandatory. While you will need to pay for some fees, others you may not. You should budget in a few hundred to a thousand dollars in addition to your down payment for upfront costs. Often these are known as “dealer” fees and like when the vehicle is being purchased, the dealership is looking to offset some of the costs by passing them on. Be informed of the fees and ask them to remove any that are being assessed in error (like a new plate fee when you are transferring one) and negotiate down some of the ones that are standard.


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